About Us

Bella Simone was established to inspire women to express themselves unapologetically through fashion. We believe in being bold in how you see yourself and how you express who you are, even if that means a new piece of jewelry everyday. Your accessories. Your style. Your statement. Your choice.

It is our mission to provide a collection of versatile jewelry that is perfect for every outfit. The last thing you should have to put extra thought into is your accessories. So, at Bella Simone we offer easy multi-faceted jewelry solutions that can level up just about any outfit to create a sophisticated finished look. 

We offer jewelry for women who love trendy pieces, but don't want to commit to overpriced fine jewelry that'll break the bank. You'll find the exquisite and most eye-catching styles at Shop Bella. You can expect to discover affordable styles at Bella Simone... unless you choose to fill your cart up with all pieces you fall in love with!

Bella Simone offers fashion-forward jewelry that emanates vibrancy and inspires individuality. We encourage our #bellababes to find stylish ways to make conventional pieces stand out, encourage them to mix and match our pieces, as well as incorporate them into their already existing jewelry wardrobe.

Who We Serve

Our favorites are #bellababes who aren't afraid to switch it up on a whim simply because she can. She finds find ways to express who she is through her jewelry every day of the week.

A #bellababe is confident in what she likes, what she wants and of course what she wears. She likes it, she buys it. She doesn't conform to anyone's definition of style. She determines that all on her own. The Bella Simone woman is uniquely herself in every way.

What We Value

Integrity - My daughters' favorite adage is "Do the right thing even when no one is watching." I am proud of the job that I am doing as their mom. I do my best to exemplify to them what it means to a good world citizen through my words and my actions regularly. It is important to me and it is important to them.

Quality - We will not offer any product that we would not personally use. Quality is a non-negotiable requirement of our products and service.

Confidence - Our company's very mission is to bring women, like you and me, the types of products that make us look good and feel even better in our skin. Confidence is the byproduct of having the things that you need to elevate your self-esteem. Let us help you.

Family - Bella SImone is run by a mom and her two young daughters. We work together to get each and every order packed and shipped to you with love.